Entrepreneurs from Biobío attend a talk about the dissemination of the Chinese Technological Mission

The meeting was led by Yun Tso Lee, director of the Center for International Studies of the Faculty of Government of the Universidad del Desarrollo, who announced that the second version of the trip to China will take place on July 26, 2013. Within the framework of the talk of diffusion of the Strategic Technological Mission Energy 2012 - Doing Bussines in China”, executives of companies that traveled, and others interested in participating this year, attended the dissemination meeting.

The CEO of MISA Group is one of the most active executives in organizing these meetings, as he considers that they are the basis for opening the Biobío Region to markets as important as China and thus promoting what the area means for the country.

The most relevant aspect of this strategic mission is "to generate positive externalities, in this case in the Biobío Region, due to the quality of the content of international links that can be established."

For his part, Yun Tso Lee stated that "China is demystifying" and is no longer like 50 years ago. Today the country has sustained growth of 8%, so "it has to produce more or save more." Given this, they need to develop new innovations and energy efficient technologies. One of its strategies is the delivery of bonds that reach 20 thousand dollars per family to promote substantive changes in the population, which is possible due to the number of state-owned companies.
The academic concluded that in Chile "we have to get on the development bandwagon." So it is necessary to know what is taking place in the Asian giant.

Among the companies interested in traveling this year is Maquinox Ltda. Paula Villar, the company's Administration and Finance manager, explained that a large amount of energy is used, because they are dedicated to welding, to the sewage treatment plants - where use solar panels - and to manufacture vats for vineyards.

Regarding the government's support for the mission, Villar said that it is unlikely that each SME will be able to go to China on their own. "So, to the extent that the government supports the mission, it is indirectly supporting each company." SMEs "are the last link in the chain," so "it is extremely important that the government supports these missions," he said. Regarding her interest in participating in the talk, the executive said that her objective was to verify the quality of the mission and concluded that "there is a responsibility in bringing the businessman closer to a reality that for us is very far away." He also stressed that they would like to visit China, because "when you make it your own, the motivation to understand and copy the business model arises."

The mission, carried out from November 17 to December 3 in Beijing and Shanghai, China, was managed by the Faculty of Government of the Universidad del Desarrollo, with the support of Innova Bío Bío through the technological innovation fund that co-financed the mission – the other part was financed by the companies – and was led by the Energy Seremi of the Maule, Biobío and Araucanía Macrozone.

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